The Real Reason You Put Things Off

Go ahead. Admit it. You want to make changes and yet you become adept at finding “reasons” to put them off. You set essentially the same goals month after month year after year. You read affirmations, scribble positives on your mirror with little or no results.

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Fear of success” can be the other side of “fear of failure.” Here you procrastinate because you are fearful of the consequences of your achievements. Maybe you fear that if you do well, then next time, even more will be expected of you. Or, perhaps, succeeding may place you in the spotlight when you prefer the background.

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Procrastination of this kind may indicate an internal identity conflict. If your self worth is tied to your level of achievement, then you may constantly question yourself about how much you must do to be “good enough. Each success only sets you up for the next bigger challenge. If your self worth is tied to family acceptance, then how much more does it take for them to be satisfied? Each success only opens the door to greater expectations. Often this leads to a feeling of losing your identity and perhaps no longer being able to claim your successes as your own. Inaction or procrastination may be how you cope with the pressures you feel to constantly try to be “good enough.

Step Up

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