Penelope Trunk: Keeping a New Year’s resolution

Don’t ask questions about what you don’t care about.

Netflix doesn’t track vacation time because they don’t care about vacation. They track results because they care about results. So they have a hard-core performance standard but no vacation policy.

The term for this type of thinking is key performance indicators, or KPIs. It’s a trendy way to zero-in on what you care about; my investors always ask me about KPIs. AtQuistic, I measure sales, because at my last company, Brazen Careerist, I measured traffic and realized that it doesn’t matter how much traffic you get if people don’t buy stuff.

A more interesting KPI is how many people come to my blog for the first time and don’t leave. The unfortunate truth about this statistic is that as long I offer up a link to the postWhat it’s Like to Have Sex with Someone who has Aspergers, I don’t lose traffic. But that’s not a good way for me to keep traffic. It’s the road to hell. Then I’d have to point them toHigh-Income Women Get More Oral Sex, and soon I’d have a site full of people looking for porn. (Or maybe I already do. Maybe there is no one still reading this post because everyone has clicked away.)

The problem is that when I measure how often I post I never meet my goals and then I start with self-hatred. Like, I just dipped 50 cookies into my coffee when the kids weren’t looking because they are onto me about the obsessive eating.  The KPI I should be looking at is how attached do I feel to the world. Because the thing that really gets me to write is that I get lonely.

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