Who Are You? What Your Body Language Says About You

body lanquage

What others think of us depends on how we see ourselves. One of the most remarkable stories of confidence and body language is that of Frank Abagnale in the Spielberg film, “Catch Me if you can.” His mastery of body language and inflection displayed confidence beyond his years . Below are a few simple tips on getting ahead at the office.

Make sure you’re not squelching your chances of success by employing any of the following five poses.

1. Crossing your ankles while standing: Women cross their ankles while standing because it is more comfortable, especially if they’re wearing high heels, but it is not a good idea, because it sends the message that you are shy and insignificant, says Sayler.

A confident pose is to stand with your back straight and your ankles uncrossed. If you are unable to stand this way in high heels, Sayler suggests wearing flats. Hire Jim Woods to Speak

2. Fig leaf pose with hands while standing: What Sayler calls the fig leaf pose consists of holding your hands over your groin area as if your hands are a fig leaf.

“Women and even men strike this pose, which gives the impression that you are unimportant,” she says. “The best option is to simply let your arms hang naturally by your sides. Another solution that sends a message of high expectations is to bend your elbows and keep your hands parallel to the ground while lightly clasping them together. You can also hold a tablet or book, but not a cellphone, as that suggests you don’t have time.” […]

Read full article  5 Body Language Poses That Can Sabotage Success | OPEN Forum.

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