Master These 15 Interview Questions To Get You The Edge

Whether you are making a career move, being preemptive .. always a good idea or entering the fray, mastering these questions has it’s advantages. The job market is tough. You are in competition.  Aside from these questions you’ll want to demonstrate how you will help the company increase their top line growth.

Below are some of the most terrifyingly difficult job interview questions and how to answer them.

1) Why you, of all people?

This is a staple one, and applicants usually overlook this question.

As an applicant, your main job is to focus on selling all your credentials. Review the job description and memorize the qualities the company likes. Stealthily align your personality with these qualities, but don’t sound too rehearsed. mentioned that the wrong way to answer this is along “because I need the job.” The correct answer will be: “I want the job because I know I am capable,” then support your claim.

2) Tell me more about yourself.

This should be an opening question, designed for the human resources manager to assess your personality more than your skills. First impression definitely last in this setup.

A safe way to answer this is to mention all of the four life areas: your childhood, education, past work, and recent opportunities related to the industry. Don’t talk too much about specifics here since you are being judged on how you answer than what you say.

3) Why did you choose our company?

Preparation is the key. […]

Read full article  15 Nerve-racking Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them | JobMob.

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