Live Agressively – I Dare You To Stop Being A Victim

I dare you

Stop living to get by. If you have faith you will live more excitingly.

I am tired of seeing people living a life of fatigue. I see too many business owners who create a culture of malaise and excusitis. Their people fall into this unconscious trap mindlessly going through the motions of customer service and meetings. They hire like-minded people who outside are ambitious. Yet internally into this foreboding malaise. Not the leader, the employees or the company becomes what they could be come.

It’s your dream. If you want to make it happen you have to get up to make it happen. If you want to be a leader you’ve to stop making excuses. You have to stop blaming the government, blaming your ex, making excuses because you didn’t get a lucky break or someone walked out on you. Maybe a partner cheated you. They are all excuses. How do you know. One makes you a victim and the other makes you a victor.

  1. Take complete responsibility. It is your fault.

Here are ideas below from my Craig Jarrow. 

Here are 16 Things You Could Start Today:

  1. Getting Yourself in Shape – Don’t wait for New Year’s Resolutions. Start today to improve your physical fitness. Whether it is to eat healthier or simply take a walk or jog.
  2. Writing in Your Journal – Get your thoughts written down in your journal. Your hopes, dreams, and accomplishments.
  3. Start a New (Better) Habit – Replace an old bad habit with a new better one. Start it today. Track it every day.
  4. Make Your Todo List – Are you really keeping your todo list? Or are you forgetting tasks and writing on Post-It notes? Start your list and then let it keep you on track.
  5. Start Your Goal – Goals happen one step at a time. Make sure you are taking one step forward each day. What are you doing today to bring you closer to your goal?
  6. Look for that New Job – You keep saying you are unhappy and you spend most of your time complaining. Instead, go do something about it. Find that new job or career.
  7. Learn a New Skill – What skill do you need to learn? You have to start doing it if you are going to become proficient. You won’t be perfect at first, but you have to try.
  8. Make a New Friend – As we grow up, we tend to close off our circle of friends. Yet, you can make a new friend any day. Start with a friendly conversation or kind act.
  9. Make a Decision – What decision have you been putting off? Make it today. It is probably not as momentous as you have been making it out to be. Exercise your right to decide.
  10. Do Your Hobby – Everyone should have a hobby to drive their internal motivation. It really doesn’t matter if it’s sports, reading, gardening, or games. Start your hobby today.
  11. Start Your Business – Starting a business used to mean quitting your job and investing large amounts of money. These days, it can be done in an evening, on a dining room table, with minimal investment. But, it will never come to be if you don’t start it.
  12. Write Your Book – A book is not an easy accomplishment. But, it starts with a single sentence. Even writing down the description of your book is a good start.
  13. Build Your Platform – The Internet has forever changed individuals’ ability to build their own platform and brand. You can be an expert in your niche. While it takes sustained effort to establish yourself, you can begin your platform in a few clicks.
  14. Start a New Relationship – Have you been meaning to start a new relationship? What are you waiting for? Start a new relationship today with a simple chat. The other person may be waiting to talk to you, too.

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