Managing Your Anger In 5 Simple Step

Image courtesy Dumb Little Man

Listed below, are the steps which could help you to manage your anger more effectively.

1)    Decide Your Intention

To start your anger management, you don’t have to wait till the next time you get angry. In fact, we need to do a little homework beforehand.

I am sure, you must be familiar with the idea, that when you are in that state of intense anger during an argument with another person, you have this need to defeat him/her with your aggression. You feel that you should not give in or bow down. It is the other person that should give in. Not you.

As you may realize, this could be the case with the other person as well. So both are trying to beat the other down. When nobody steps back, we have these anger issues.

You need to make a choice. A conscious choice. Consider two options right now and decide which one is more important to you…. to do the right thing or to win this senseless battle of aggression. If you ever catch yourself in a state of anger, would you prefer to be the person who did what was right, or would you like to win the aggression battle. […]

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