Set Your Alarm 30 Minutes Earlier Than Normal to Solve More Problems

waking up

Here is a simple trick I use myself to accomplish more. Bear in mind “accomplishing more” implies overcoming the inertia that creates  depression and despondency.

You might not like this idea if you’re not keen on disturbing your sleep, but it’s something to try if you’re stuck on a problem or need to generate better ideas. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than normal and, in that groggy, beary-eyed state, write down your thoughts.P

Fast Company explains two reasons why our brains might come up with better solutions in the early morning. The first is, while you’re asleep, your brain processes the day’s information so it’s more useful the next day. If you’ve ever gone to sleep thinking or worrying about something and then seemingly came up with the solution in your sleep, you’ve seen this at work.

via Set Your Alarm 30 Minutes Earlier Than Normal to Solve More Problems.


Jim Woods is president of The Jim Woods Group. A management consulting firm. Go here to see his work He advises and speaks to organizations large and small on how to increase top line growth in times of uncertainty and complexity. Some of his speaking and consulting clients include: U.S. Army, MITRE Corporation, Pitney Bowes, Whirlpool, and 3M. See more at his website

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