How I Stopped My Pity Party When I Was Homeless

Drawing on the power of heaven

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Life is hard.

My friends encourage me not to be so transparent. I refuse to for in a world longing for authenticity admitting who we are is more important than ever.

I loved being married.

Married to my first kiss for nearly 30 years I found myself alone, homeless and emotionally fatigued.

I was embarrassed. My church said I was a failure.

There were long days and nights I wanted to commit suicide. In my presentations the question arises at some point why didn’t I.

If you aim at nothing in life you always hit nothing.

I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Reflecting on my life I asked myself a question. “Jim, If you could start over right now what would you do differently?”

As I prayed I was confronted with looking God in the eye honestly.

“You can squander this life, this opportunity I have given you or you can cave in.”

At that moment I realized there were millions of people around the world who would gladly trade places with me. So .. if they were willing to trade their life for mine, then there must be something I’m not seeing.

Every night in the cold of my car with loneliness creeping the shadows of night I’d cry. Why me God?

I heard these words. “Get up. Get up.”

I had the awareness at that time that I could do more than I was experiencing. My level of awareness had expanded. Feeling sorry while expecting my “easy” wasn’t the plan for me.

The moment I took complete responsibility for my divorce and my losses it was as though the Heavens opened.

“There is something in you Jim. When are you going to rise up to meet your destiny?”

As you go through each day be aware. Everything matters. As you see yourself … so you see the world.

What we  do is the result of who we have become.

“Remember this Jim, It is better to be than to do for the real change I want comes from the inside out.”

I had paralyzed myself by believing there were things impossible for God.

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One comment on “How I Stopped My Pity Party When I Was Homeless
  1. When GOD gives us a mission, we usually doubt ourselves to fulfill it. “What GOD ordains, HE is able to maintain”.
    You, Jim, are an ordained blessing.
    Thank you,


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