Getting Rid of Our Shame

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In order for us to view our lives in a healthy complex we should also focus on our blessings. We all have a life of happiness ahead of us. Regardless of how failure prone you may believe you have been glimpse into the future for a moment.

You have miracles every day. And you’ll have more in the future. The problem is we often maximize the qualities of others as we simultaneously diminish our own qualities. Psychologist Margaret Wehrenberg provides the following insights on depression and what we can do to change it:

“Dummy!” “Idiot!” “Screw-up!” The labels you may give yourself when depressed often emerge from a shame-based self image and are not surprisingly the names you have been called in the home you grew up in. But what happens when you believe those labels are accurate?

Your self image can direct many of your choices and relationships without you even being aware that you are in cahoots with the persons who shamed you as a child. I recently talked with a woman who told me she wanted to improve her self esteem because she knew that she held herself back from some achievements by not believing she could succeed. I thought her self-image was also a problem, because she viewed herself as the dumb screw-up that her family had labeled her. Yet when I asked if she was willing to give up the labels she had for herself, she looked surprised. “How can I give them up,” she asked, “when they are true?”

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Dr. Wehrenberg continues ….

“She went on to say she wanted to give up the belief that she was “dumb” and a “screw-up”.. but she had never thought of herself in any other way. “What about making mistakes?” I asked. “Are you allowed to just make a mistake like every other person?” On reflection, she said she certainly did make mistakes but those merely proved she was dumb; yet other, smarter people, could just make a mistake and it did not determine their quality or abilities.” Read full article via Psychology Today

You can find your way back to a life of joy and happiness. You can find your way back to a life of hopeful and loving life. You deserve. You aren’t flawed or doomed.

You are perfect and loved just the way you are. Jim

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