Agreed! Matt Walsh: Robin Williams didn’t die from a disease, he died from his choice

Matt Walsh has been criticized unfairly for his remarks concerning Robin Williams. In reading the piece in entirety one will see he isn’t demonstrating a lack of respect. Indeed I sense his compassion.

Did you know suicide is a major cause of death, highest among those 46-64? These are ordinary people. Not celebrities who can afford treatment. That sounds callous. However the reality is their lives were just as much a premium as Mr. Williams. 

I hesitate to speak of this. However I will. I did not know until 8 years ago that I had suffered depression and situational bi-polar for years. Following the dissolution of my marriage of 30 years I lived in my car. Although I never ascribed to narcotics of any kind each Sunday I went to church with my clothes on a clothesline in my car. Everyone knew I had no one and nothing. I was as alone as alone can be. When I awaken one morning following my masters degree I simply left the Mormon church. My family and friends abandoned me. Admittedly I briefly considered suicide.

Why didn’t I? After all I was broke. A huge aspect of my faith is to rise each day giving my best today.Knowing my body well I could see I was self immolating. Prescribed medication could only do so much. I had to choose to live or die. I could be a victim or a victor. I went to the Dollar store to purchase a legal pad of my goals. I listened to books on tape. Read books under the street lights consuming bean burritos every day. I enrolled at Ballys where I worked out twice a day and showered. I didn’t have as many people money to purchase qualified assistance, nor a support group of fans and family. I was unable to jump on a plane in search of finding myself.

One thing I did do, was to whine forward. (Read that again) 

As brutal as it was I focused only on my blessings and my Creator. I used my past to serve me not debilitate.

Matt Walsh states the following on Mr. Williams and suicide, “A terrible, monstrous atrocity. It disturbs me in a deep, visceral, indescribable way. Of course it disturbs most people, I would assume. Indeed, we should fear the day when we wake up and decide we aren’t disturbed by it anymore.”

Matt adds, “So I’m just like you, then, because I can’t stomach the thought of it. I’ve seen it in the neighborhoods where I’ve lived and the schools that I’ve attended. I’ve seen it in my family. I’ve known adults and kids who’ve done it. I’ve seen it on the news and read about it in books, but I can’t comprehend it. The complete, total, absolute rejection of life. The final refusal to see the worth in anything, or the beauty, or the reason, or the point, or the hope. The willingness to saddle your family with the pain and misery and anger that will now plague them for the rest of their lives.

It’s a tragic choice, truly, but it is a choice, and we have to remember that. Your suicide doesn’t happen to you; it doesn’t attack you like cancer or descend upon you like a tornado. It is a decision made by an individual. A bad decision. Always a bad decision.” 

Read full article via Robin Williams didn’t die from a disease, he died from his choice – The Matt Walsh Blog

I know the indescribable loneliness of pains no one else can see or comprehend. Today, as a single man I travel for my consulting practice.Do I have difficult days. I don’t permit myself to approach the precipice of the self delusion that I am insignificant. Jim

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