Simple Tips for Releasing Your Negative Emotions

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Pick The Brain 

The more you let your negative emotions fester, the more you encourage them to affect you in the future.

It’s important to realize that you can release these emotions from within yourself. Follow the four steps below to release your negative energy, and bring peace into your life.

1.  Observe your conscience.

During stressful situations, that voice in your head will automatically get louder and louder. It will begin to complain, and project angry, or hateful images into your head.

These negative voices, pictures, and videos in your mind, can be collectively referred to as the ego (in this context).

In order to stop the ego from running your life, you must do one simple thing. Observe those voices, pictures, and videos from a third-person perspective. Watch as if the ego is completely separate from you. But do not judge the ego, or condemn it. If  you begin to judge that voice (“I hate my ego! Stop controlling me!”), the ego will have just come in through the back door. See the irony?

2. Observe your emotions.

Once this mental imagery has halted, you will realize that although there are no voices, images, or videos playing in your mind, you still feel your negative emotions. This may be anger, misery, frustration, or a great many other emotions.

Remember though, do not judge the emotion. Simply observe. As ironic as this may sound, let your negativity rage on inside you, and simply watch it without becoming drawn into it. You will realize that the negativity is not really part of who you are.[…]

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