Social Networking: Learn These Tips for Making Awesome #Business Introductions

How to networkNetworking is an act of confidence made real. We seek out others in order to grow our business by adding value. Thank you for sharing.

To make better networking connections follow theses suggestions by Michael Simmons:

Consistently making awesome introductions is harder than it sounds. Here’s how I made hundreds of introductions last year.

How To Choose The Right Two People To Connect:

“Damn! I need to make another introduction! Who can I introduce?”

I was asking myself this question on what felt like a daily basis.

The spirit of excitement I started with was dimming. I needed to change something.

“Should I just quit?” I wondered.

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As I painfully became aware, the hard part about consistently making introductions isn’t typing up the introduction email. It’s finding high quality introductions to make.

In order for the experiment to work, I switched to one introduction per day and started to keep in touch with my network more than I ever had before.

Looking for ways to grow your business

Step 1: Think Of Your Network As Clusters

The first step is to think of your network as a set of clusters, not as one big network.

This has two advantages:

Research shows that the most value from connections comes from connecting different people in different clusters. […]

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