How To Get More Out of Life


The key role in playing the game of life to win is to recognize that you’ve been playing not to lose.

If you haven’t and you aren’t any of the 3 type of people above, good for you keep growing and making adjustments within your life!

But if you have, it’s time to shift that behavior now!

Embrace Constructive Criticism

Your decision to stop playing to win was most likely an unconscious one.

Learn to accept feedback that you interpreted as condemning to your abilities and who you are, so you developed this dis-empowering belief about yourself.

An important step in shifting this belief pattern will be in recognizing feedback for what it is: Information that tells you whether you are on course or off course.

When you get negative feedback – such as lack of results, little or no money, criticism, poor evaluation, inner conflict, and unhappiness – it’s a sign that you are moving away from your intended goal.

When you receive positive feedback, such as praise, happiness, money and results, you’ll know that you are back on course.

Focus More Precisely

Another thing you can do if you’ve developed a habit of not completing what you start, is to train yourself to sharpen your focus.

Create a clear mental image of what you want to accomplish within the next year or even for your entire life.



Jim Woods is president of The Jim Woods Group. A management consulting firm. Go here to see his work He advises and speaks to organizations large and small on how to increase top line growth in times of uncertainty and complexity. Some of his speaking and consulting clients include: U.S. Army, MITRE Corporation, Pitney Bowes, Whirlpool, and 3M. See more at his website

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