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10 Ways Not To Let Fear Paralyze You

We can make fear a profession or a catapult. None of us are exempt from fear and anxiety. Self esteem is universal despite how we appear externally. Success by any measure has nothing to do with it. Because at some point

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33 Power Quotes By Louise Hay

“I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.”  Louise L. Hay  “Every thought we think is creating our future.”  Louise L. Hay  “You have the power to heal your life, and you need to

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How To Create Boldness Through Self-Worth

Being bold is a reflection of our self esteem. Our worth. One can create a public persona, however, the realities oof of the personal persona will shine through. What we talk about to ourself becomes our reality. Last week I

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Don’t Let Self-Doubt Get In Your Way

By Jim Woods Have you noticed how patient we are with everyone except our self? We become fond of “No one would want me.” A a Julia Roberts movie with Hugh Grant she plays an American actress in London. As

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God Made You To Soar – Break Out

Adversity is part of life. We all have to deal with it. We can turn pain into an adversity or a linchpin. If the Creator didn’t think adversity and loss would elevate us He would not have given us the

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Why I Abhor The Purpose Driven Life and Three Cups of Tea

When it comes to finding ones purpose I could find no better example than Viktor Frankl. In contrast it seems monumentally easy to extract ones purpose from life’s experiences when our life has been one of absolute pleasures and self indulgences.

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Why Do We Have Adversity?

Please share. Get coached by Jim Jim Woods teaches CEO’s how to get the most out of their people and their organizations. Jim is president of InnoThink Group and Leadership Matters.  He is a leader in workplace learning, productivity, performance, and leadership

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