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10 Ways Not To Let Fear Paralyze You

We can make fear a profession or a catapult. None of us are exempt from fear and anxiety. Self esteem is universal despite how we appear externally. Success by any measure has nothing to do with it. Because at some point

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Make Your Fears Make Your Dreams Become Reality

One person says I can’t do it. The other person says despite how bad it has been … that someone somewhere will give me a chance. Things happen in your life we can’t anticipate. You can’t give up. I know

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The Secret Shortcuts To Playing Office Politics

Success whether one is an individual or corporation can feel as though one has hit a brick wall. Nothing is conventional in this new “normal.” The challenges we face may change our lives, however, they don;t have to ruin them.

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8 Tips for Managing Stress and Improving Your Outcomes

Follow Dr. Mike for new videos! Experience a direct and immediate difference in realizing your goals in the areas that matter most to you: relationships, creativity, leadership, money, fitness, making the difference you’re out to make, and more. Go> Feeling

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10 Ways To Stop Self-Sabotaging Yourself and Procrastinating

Procrastination is a sign of self doubt. Fear. It is hazardous in relationships and work. At it’s core procrastination is a lack of self efficacy. I suffered from this myself until I took massive steps to overcome it.  I can

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9 Ways To Stop Doing Nothing So You Don’t Get Fired Or Divorced

How many times have you set the same New Year’s Resolutions year after year? Set the alarm to go to the gym and then ignore it. “I’ll go tomorrow.” How many ideas have you had for work or to start

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Live Agressively – I Dare You To Stop Being A Victim

Stop living to get by. If you have faith you will live more excitingly. I am tired of seeing people living a life of fatigue. I see too many business owners who create a culture of malaise and excusitis. Their

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