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Building Rapport to Understand Each Other

Generally. external acceptance is a response of how we view our self. I realize that is perhaps overly simplistic. However, the boomerang effect is what we send out returns. Being accepted is in large part about building rapport. By Heidi Grant

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The 6 Reasons You Are Afraid To Change

Have you ever known a person who despite your best efforts to motivate them in a new direction they refused to take your advice even when they knew it was in their best interest? That is the same reason you

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3 Ways To Stop Putting Things Off

Fear is cloaked in procrastination. Instead of talking responsibility for yourself and our own inactions we assign blame by feeling sorry. Choice. The difference in being a follower or a leader. Please share. Will you wither or will you thrive?

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6 Tips To Get Motivated When You’re Feeling Down

How do you get out of a slump? Read this. Said Zig Ziglar, “Of course motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis.” The key to harnessing your

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13 Steps to Building Powerful Life Changing Habits

Any change is daunting. Doing so requires commitment. More than it requires in change in our thought patterns. Generally our past locks us into self-limiting beliefs disempowering us n into a pattern of low expectations until they become the norm.

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8 Quotes to Help You Let Go and Live

Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Someone’s opinion of you does not reflect who you are. Fear, guilt, hurt feelings, loneliness and anger are self induced emotions These emotions cloud our judgment leaving us to believe we are doomed until

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4 Things That Will Keep You From Being A Success

Said Sir Richard Branson, “The time to go into a new business is when it’s badly run by others.” The single greatest aspect keeping people from being successful is twofold. They haven’t established what success i will be when they

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