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8 Tips For Rebuilding The Fire In Your Relationship

It seems that a truly happy couple is mythical. We see or hear of people we long admired only to discover there are hidden secrets underneath. This need not occur. Of course, as a man divorced after 30 years of

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The 6 Reasons You Are Afraid To Change

Have you ever known a person who despite your best efforts to motivate them in a new direction they refused to take your advice even when they knew it was in their best interest? That is the same reason you

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The 5 Things You Can Do To Overcome Procrastination

Putting things off is a self-defeating behavior. We have convinced our self of the inferiority of our own abilities. We minimize our capabilities while maximizing those of others. Ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen if I

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Try These 6 Habits to Boost Your Confidence And Stop Negative Self Talk #success

People with self confidence succeed more than those who don’t. Not only in business. In relationships as well. An elevated attitude is very different than narcissistic behaviors. William James ┬ásaid, “It is one’s attitude at the beginning of a difficult

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The 9 powerful things you should say about your life

Hope. The single most important asset for overcoming life’s adversities. An anchor of a ship keeps it afloat. Just as hope motivates us to stay the course when life’s challenges have little or no meaning. We may not understand “why

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What’s Holding You Back? 5 Habits of Successful People

Follow Jim @jimwoods_ It is no surprise that one of the most successful shows in television history was the Andy Griffith Show. Everyone has a warm glow inside upon viewing it. A place we wish we could live. Where if

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8 Quotes to Help You Let Go and Live

Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Someone’s opinion of you does not reflect who you are. Fear, guilt, hurt feelings, loneliness and anger are self induced emotions These emotions cloud our judgment leaving us to believe we are doomed until

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