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“My life was shambles. After years at the same company I was laid off. My marriage couldn’t have taken much more pressure if I didn’t change. I knew to turn things around I’d have to make huge improvements in all facets of my life. I decided Jim Woods coaching would take it to another level. My whole life has turned around. I have a new job. My relationship with my wife is now where it was years ago. Jim helped me find the courageous and passionate man inside. My wife is proud of me.  That alone means the most. The sacrifice to start my coaching with Jim has paid off. Thank you.”  T.  Jameson

“Jim, I want you to know that I was failing until we met. I was 29th out of 30 in the office when I met you. Within 4 months I was 6th in the office and had 10 times the sales I had the previous year. You kept me focused on what I needed to be focused on and helped me be accountable when I needed to be. Thanks again Coach!” M. Bradley

“Jim is truly wonderful to work with.  He has an amazing gift for listening and teaching in a way I haven’t experienced before.  Jim has a gift for picking out key pieces of information, asking very thoughtful questions, and reframing the collected information into the bigger picture.  He has taught me strategies that help me view recurrent issues in new ways.” B. Franks

jim woods coaching

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