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The 3 Ways You Can Stay Focused

Staying focus is a matter of overcoming fear, guilt and unworthiness. A lack of focus can be the result of overwhelming ones self subconsciously with more than one can handle. Implicitly making the plate perpetually full. Here are just a few tips

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13 Steps to Building Powerful Life Changing Habits

Any change is daunting. Doing so requires commitment. More than it requires in change in our thought patterns. Generally our past locks us into self-limiting beliefs disempowering us n into a pattern of low expectations until they become the norm.

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The One Phrase Entrepreneurs Should Never Use

By Jim Woods Thank you for sharing. Words do matter. Whether they are spoken or thought words either elevate or debase us. Cloaked in words that dilute our abilities we often find ourselves maximizing the strengths or others while minimizing

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John Maxwell – How to Build Winning Relationships

We invite you to work with us. Learn more. Jim is president of InnoThink Group a competitive strategy and leadership management consulting firm. He has an absolute passion for people development and are constantly refining and adapting his programs in order to

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Phrases The Most Effective Leaders Never Say #Leadership Mastery

Your ability to cope as a leader in a hypercompetitive world is resilience It has to do with your mental and physical capabilities to handle all aspects of your life. I note life as more prominent than business for as

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How to Overcome your Insomnia by Managing Stress

Manage your stress and worry. Man should forget his anger before he lies down to sleep. – Mahatma Gandhi Stress and anxiety can create substantial barriers to sleep. Some tools that you can use during your day and near bedtime

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Is Your Need For Approval Effecting Your Success?

Are you addicted to the approval of others? When it’s time to make an important decision, instead of trusting your logic and intuition, you consult with the people around you first. You value the opinions of others more than you value

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