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The 3 Ways You Can Stay Focused

Staying focus is a matter of overcoming fear, guilt and unworthiness. A lack of focus can be the result of overwhelming ones self subconsciously with more than one can handle. Implicitly making the plate perpetually full. Here are just a few tips

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How To Get More Out of Life

The key role in playing the game of life to win is to recognize that you’ve been playing not to lose. If you haven’t and you aren’t any of the 3 type of people above, good for you keep growing

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The 9 powerful things you should say about your life

Hope. The single most important asset for overcoming life’s adversities. An anchor of a ship keeps it afloat. Just as hope motivates us to stay the course when life’s challenges have little or no meaning. We may not understand “why

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Simple Tips for Releasing Your Negative Emotions

Pick The Brain  The more you let your negative emotions fester, the more you encourage them to affect you in the future. It’s important to realize that you can release these emotions from within yourself. Follow the four steps below

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